General Information, Safety Guidelines, Capacity Ratings

All breaking strengths in this catalog are based on the load a component or assembly will withstand before failing. By standard of the industry, working load (WLL) is 1/3 of the breaking strength. Unless otherwise specified, all ratings are based on a straight tensile pull. Load directions other than straight can result in a substantial reduction in breaking strength. Products from another manufacturer, though similar, may not be rated the same. Ratings shown in this catalog are contingent upon using CARGO CONTROL USA, LLC beams, webbing, and hardware as a complete working unit.

All cargo restraint products must be attached to securing points of equal or greater strength for rating capacities to be maintained. Any modifications of parts and/or assemblies may decrease WLL capacities.


• Tie downs are intended for securing cargo only. Strap assemblies are NOT intended and should never be used for lifting purposes.
• Webbing straps must be protected when used on abrasive or sharp edges/surfaces.
• All worn, damaged, or deformed products should be removed from service immediately and replaced.
• Straps should never be tied into knots; to do so can greatly reduce the rated capacity.

Important Industry Standards

The US Department of Transportation regulations subchapter B – Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 CFR, Part 393, Paragraph 393.102(b) requires: “The aggregate working load limit of the tie down assemblies used to secure an article against movement in any direction must be at least ½ times the weight of that article.”

It is the ultimate responsibility of the user to determine the proper working load limit requirement for specific applications and if the specific tie down product(s) being used is appropriate for that application. User should consult the vehicle manufacturer for questions regarding anchorage strength rating.


Determining the # of web tie downs required when using WLL: Weight of article being secured is 30,000 LBS WLL of a standard 4” strap is 5,000 (or as indicated on label) Required aggregate WLL = ½ × 30,000Lbs = 15,000 LBS 15,000 LBS ÷ 5,000 LBS (WLL of Strap) = 3

A minimum of 3 web tie downs is required to secure this article properly, based ONLY on the weight of this article.

Additional factors that should be considered (but not limited to) when determining the number and location of web tie downs, as specified by state, federal, provincial local, and industry regulations are:

• Article weight
• Stakes, blocking and bracing
• Number of tiers
• Length of load to be secured
• Abrasive surfaces
• Expected dynamic G forces
• Sharp edges
• Strength rating of anchor point
• Tension of tie down should NEVER exceed WLL
• Configuration of the load (pipe, coil, etc.)

It is important to consider any factor(s) that may affect the safe securement of the load during normal and emergency conditions.


Parts are guaranteed to be free from defect(s) in material or workmanship for a period of six months from the date of shipment. Parts used for purposes other than their intended application, abused, neglected, damaged due to exposure to the elements or chemicals will not be covered by this warranty. Parts which have been altered or repaired will not be covered by this warranty. Any parts found to be defective will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. Manufacturer may require that the defective part(s) be returned as a condition of replacement and must include the original manufacturer’s capacity tag or other identification. Claims are to be governed by the state of North Carolina.

This limited warranty supersedes all other warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for any particular purpose. In no event will the company be liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages or loss of vehicle, cargo, or profits. It is the responsibility of the owner and/or user to determine suitability of a product for any particular use, check all applicable industry, trade association,
federal, state, and local regulations, and to read all operating instructions and warnings carefully to ensure proper use. Cargo Control USA, LLC must be notified of any product in question within the warranty period in order to issue an approved RA number and return shipping instructions. Products returned without an authorized RA number will be refused and cost(s) will be the responsibility of the purchaser